How Digital Packages Make a GC’s Life Easier

Christmas in July is a real holiday and goes by the name “Amazon Prime Day.”

I’m an Amazon Prime fanatic. I don’t like crowded stores, long lines, or poor customer service, so it’s a natural fit. Amazon and its founder, Jeff Bezos, performed a miracle for consumers like me by addressing all three issues AND throwing in free 2-day shipping.

Yesterday, I – like many Prime members – spent time celebrating Jeff Bezos’ birth while searching through page after page of discounted items. In all honesty, I probably definitely purchased products I don’t need…but at least I got a deal on them. (Plus, a robotic vacuum serves a second purpose if I tie my dog’s toy to it.)

While I wait for the instantly recognizable brown packages sealed with bright blue tape to show up on my doorstep, I’m reminded of the benefits our clients see in our Cygnal Amplify digital service. While that may sound like the transition to shameless plug, hear me out.

My dislike for going to big box stores isn’t rooted in the products sold, but rather the contributing factors leading up to the transaction. Poor organization, unresponsive customer service, and long checkout lines waste time and kill customer morale.

Amazon Prime, at least in my experience, has become the antithesis of the big box store by putting the product first and pairing a streamlined transaction process with great customer support.

In it’s current state, political digital firms share a lot of the same struggles faced by big box stores. For years they have approached digital as a service and priced based on labor hours, leading to inflated costs.

Not only that, launching a full scale digital campaign typically requires coordination of multiple vendors to get all of the pieces of the puzzle created and in place. The result is something between a headache and heart attack, with no predictable prognosis.

We think that’s ridiculous. So we’re changing the game for down-ballot campaigns.

Cygnal Amplify is our response to traditional digital for politics. We’re going full-Bezos’ and focusing on the product and outcomes as we seek to give every campaign consultant a “prime” experience.

As a general consultant, your time has a higher use than assembling and managing a digital team, and your dollars are inefficiently spent when paying for labor hours of unmotivated workers. You need to check the box on digital and move on.

Cygnal Amplify simplifies digital for down-ballot campaigns by giving GC’s turnkey packages with guaranteed results and prompt customer service.

All of our packages feature core digital components, including: a landing or Facebook page, creative ad design, paid Facebook advertising (with guaranteed impressions and clicks), and auto-sequenced emails. Every package has a base price, and additional digital services can easily be addedat a discounted rate.  

That means checking the box on digital is now as simple as selecting a package and approving creative. Our typical turnaround time from selection and approval to campaign launch is less than 72 hours. After launch, we’ll keep you up-to-date on your campaign’s performance with bi-weekly reports.

The best part is that our team members are always available. As the digital lead at Cygnal, I don’t believe in making our clients wait in long lines. Simply put, being available and responsive isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are.

The 2018 election cycle is quickly approaching. Stop losing sleep over digital. It’s time to kick the big box digital firm to the curb and regain your sanity by taking a packaged approach. Your campaign and your candidates deserve a cost efficient option with guaranteed outcomes.

Interested in learning more about our packages or our approach to digital? Feel free to contact me here.