Cygnal Lift

Targeted Direct Mail

Sound Familiar?

“2,000 mail pieces? We don’t do anything smaller than 15,000 (I just picked a number), so that’s what I’ll have to charge you for. And I can have those sent out in a week.”

A Better Way

With the Cygnal Lift self-service online platform, consultants and anybody else – including mail shops – can easily create and send variable political mail pieces to any target audience, regardless of size. Simplified mail means more time for you to focus on winning campaigns.

Produce Direct Mail Easier

Running multiple campaigns leaves little time to moonlight as a graphic designer. Instead, simply log on to Cygnal Lift, choose a pre-designed template, upload your mailing list, and hit send. Wasn’t that easy?

The Process


1. Select a template. Add photos and text. Or upload your own design.


2. Upload your voter list and receive an instant price quote.


3. Choose the closest mail facility. Select postage class. Review. Pay. It’s on its way!


No job is too small. Pricing for each Cygnal Lift self-service direct mail project includes template usage, printing, sorting, mailing services, shipping to the closest mail sorting facility, and any applicable taxes. Sign up for the service at no charge and price your job any time.