Employee Satisfaction

Supercharge your employees by knowing what really motivates them.

Sound Familiar

Have you heard this one before? “Doing employee satisfaction surveys through our HR department works just fine.” Here’s another one: “Outsourcing employee satisfaction will cost a fortune.” Both are fallacies, and they’re holding your company back from discovering how your most important investment – your employees – really feels.

A Better Way

Although we started as a political research firm, we quickly realized the techniques, vendor partnerships, and internal automations that make our polls less expensive also help businesses conduct more insightful and candid employee satisfaction surveys at a smarter price.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Cygnal Pulse helps you better understand your employees and in turn increase engagement and output. Our independent approach includes a thorough dive into organizational goals, which drives the process and post-fielding analysis while providing your employees guaranteed anonymity. Learn what your employees really feel about organizational culture, engagement, and morale without wasting precious HR resources or getting less-than-completely-honest feedback.


The Process

1. You engage Cygnal as your employee satisfaction partner, instantly adding credibility and increasing survey participation.


2. We assess the internal needs and goals of your survey.

3. We design a questionnaire to draw out the most helpful feedback.

4. We typically start fielding within 5 days and can have reports ready in 2 to 3 weeks.

5. We help you dig into the results and find the best answers to your questions.

6. You have a clear path forward to constructively engage and positively influence your most valuable resource – your employees.


We create custom survey instruments for every employee satisfaction engagement that deliver the best results to our clients. When you engage Cygnal, we work to meet your needs and provide analysis that is thorough, clear, and useful within the scope of your budget.

Employee satisfaction surveys begin at $14,400, including all reports and analysis.