Cygnal Surge

Messaging & Communication

Sound Familiar?

Hug the walls at the Statehouse or Capitol. Take legislators to dinner. Build long-term relationships with elected officials. Make one call to get a result…not anymore. Some new legislators would rather walk home than talk to a lobbyist.


A Better Way

Attention spans are shorter, the desire to listen lower, and ideology harder to pinpoint. That means you need different messaging and giving strategies to impact elected officials and impact public policy debates.

Messaging & Strategy to Impact State Policy

What you do during campaign season impacts what happens during the legislative session and vice-a-versa. Politics is politics regardless of the outlet, and you need a cohesive strategy to protect your interests.

Cygnal Surge is a consultative, ongoing relationship that brings increased understanding of the new populist majorities to your efforts. We help map strategy, develop messaging, craft talking points, draft election participation plans, and get all your political efforts moving in the same direction. Our goal is to be a resource to you full-time. Just pick up the phone or open an email and we’ll be there to provide advice, insight, and impact that moves the needle in your favor.

The Process


1. Engage Cygnal as your messaging and strategic partner.

2. Cygnal becomes educated on your topics, current strategy, and organizational constraints.


3. We present a strategy outline for legislative messaging and electoral participation.


4. You know Cygnal is there for you each step of the way because we will talk all the time.


5. Strategy adjustments are made as the legislative and political environments change.


6. You win your battles. Repeat.


Each engagement is unique based on multiple factors, including: issue complexity, changes needed, time involved, and term of engagement. All Cygnal Surge clients are set up on a monthly fee arrangement starting at several thousand dollars per month.