Political Polling

Phone and online surveys that give you reliable numbers at a palatable price.

Sound Familiar

There are many myths about polling: “Too expensive for our budget;” “too cheap to be accurate;” “too unreliable to be useful.” The thing is, they’re all just myths. And more importantly, political polling and survey research are changing…quickly.

A Better Way

Not every poll needs to be a benchmark, and bad robo polling or out-of-budget surveys shouldn’t be the only options for down-ballot races. So we created a new polling approach to better fit the budgets and needs of any campaign or effort.

Political Polling

Cygnal Pulse gives campaigns, caucus efforts, and independent expenditures accurate information at the right price to know what’s happening now, and set and evolve a strategy to win.

Issue Research

Cygnal Pulse for advocacy helps public affairs firms and organizations gather public opinion data to create a strategy and build influence in advocacy campaigns. Data collection is hyper-targeted with fast turnaround times geared for the fast-moving world of public affairs.

The Process

1. You engage Cygnal as your research partner, instantly saving you money.


2. We assess the environmental, geographic, and demographic aspects of your project.

3. We design a questionnaire and sample frame to test the right audience and right questions.

4. We typically start fielding within 36 hours and have reports ready in 3 days.

5. We help you dive into the results and pull out the information you need to succeed.

6. You make better decisions and more efficiently use resources.


To deliver the best result and contain costs, we customize each survey research project to our client’s exact needs. We only ask the most relevant questions and gather the exact number of respondents necessary to achieve the client’s goals. Additional information is added from the voter file and commercial databases to provide more insight at a lower cost.

Hybrid phone surveys start around $4,800, including all reports and analysis.

Fully-live phone surveys begin at $7,300, including all reports and analysis.