Insurance for the Next Decade

Understanding of key demographics combined with suggested maps and district stress testing

PROBLEM:Donald Trump’s two elections threw conventional line drawing on its head. Traditional voter coalitions have shifted and removed clarity from the redistricting process.

IMPACT: Past election performance is no longer enough to understand the impact of new lines or how small changes can have an effect four, six, or eight years down the road.

FIX: Cygnal can help you understand the principles and ideology of key demographic segments combined with migration trends, past elections, and future projections so you have the information necessary to know what demographic segments to pay attention to in your current and new district.

INVESTMENT: Redistricting Support involves a regional poll starting at $12,000, map creation starting at $7,000, map stress testing starting at $6,000, and ongoing map assessment consulting starting at $750 per month–all worth the peace of mind of shaping and understanding your new district.

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