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After what happened in 2016, should you believe 2020 polls?

“A lot of lower-educated voters showed up because of the populism of Trump,” said Brock McCleary, a Republican pollster who conducts the Civitas Poll for the conservative-leaning Civitas Institute in Raleigh. Republican pollster McCleary said he’ll be asking parents of school-age children whether frustrations related to this “experiment with learning” will perhaps drive more of […]

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NH Primary Source: Mowers internal poll shows him in strong position early in GOP primary contest

Republican 1st District U.S. House candidate Matt Mowers’ campaign has been conducting polling, and while it’s being challenged as an illegal push poll by an activist supporting Mowers’ Republican primary opponent, the results show him in a strong early position in the primary race. Early in the poll, conducted by Harper Polling, participants are asked straight […]

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Coronavirus pandemic muddies election and opinion polling

The polling and public opinion research industry has had to delay or alter the way it works amid stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures. Brock McCleary, president of Harper Polling, said he’s confident that polls will still be conducted — he’s working on a few himself — but voter behavior will get more mysterious. Pollsters […]

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