Consultants: Demystify Digital by Taking a Packaged Approach

A new year brings new battles. Whether you are gearing up for a legislative issue fight at the Capitol or preparing for a heated primary race, digital should play a greater role in your 2017 and 2018 political operations.

Despite President-elect Trump’s wild digital success, skepticism still remains about its application for down-ballot races. Without the financial ability to build a digital infrastructure to presidential levels, consultants are many times left asking what their digital dollars actually accomplished.

The Digital Dilemma

Digital is quickly becoming a non-negotiable, but it shouldn’t break the bank and it should have a measurable impact. And it shouldn’t have such opaque purchasing methods.

The problem facing down-ballot consultants is that digital is still as much of an art as it is a science, and, without the right approach, it’s a quick way to burn tens of thousands of dollars.

Too many digital firms are delivering flashy metrics while doing little to move the needle in your candidate’s favor. In the end, it feels like feeding a $100 bill into a vending machine for a $1 candy bar.

Winning a vote takes more than delivering a single ad online. It requires repeatedly engaging a target audience with a persuasive message framed in language they can relate to, and that motivates them to action.

In other words, effective digital campaigns walk voter through the progression of know, like, trust, and vote. That requires more than great creative; it requires a digital infrastructure that educates voters, builds a following, and enables future contact.

This isn’t a groundbreaking idea, and most digital firms will be more than happy to build your landing and set up a few email blasts in addition to serving your ads. The difference is that many of these firms view each component as a separate service, and using them will eat up both your time and money.

Digital can be done better. Trust us.

The Packaged Difference

Over 9 years ago, Cygnal started out as general consulting firm. As our small team of two (Brent and Cory) guided and advised state-level races, they notice the lack of accessible survey research for down-ballot campaigns. Our team saw a need and filled it by developing our own polling solutions.

Today, we are democratizing access to small-scale, yet sophisticated, digital infrastructures for down-ballot races.

Instead of nickel-and-diming you to death by charging each component of a digital campaign as a separate service, we produce the best results for your candidate by taking a packaged approach.

A turnkey voter-targeted digital advertising package combines best-in-class online digital platforms, targeting techniques, landing pages, creative design, email marketing automation, data sources, and voter contact methods to create a paid digital presence that will persuade voters and win elections.

The best part is this provides you a turnkey digital campaign at a competitive price by removing layers of waste from the bidding process and taking your ads directly to the source.


Checking the box on digital doesn’t have to mean throwing away important campaign dollars. Using a packaged approach enables your candidates to build a winning digital presence without consuming your time to manage the process.

It’s a new year. We’re challenging the status quo on digital through a packaged approach.