Cygnal Launches “Amplify” Digital Advertising Platform

Highly targeted digital and social ads available for desktop, mobile, pre-roll video, and native


MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Cygnal, a national communication, research, and advertising firm, today announced the launch of its managed digital advertising service called Cygnal Amplify. It will allow campaigns, associations, and businesses to serve desktop ads, mobile ads, pre-roll video, and native ads to highly targeted online audiences using a multitude of factors and data – demographic, geographic, behavioral, apps, device, search history, and contextual.

For example, an association engaged in a political battle needs architects to be educated on an issue and then engage their state legislators. Cygnal Amplify can design compelling digital display ads and place them on the computers and mobile phones of the target audience through one or all of the following methods: known architects, websites dealing with architecture, or individuals who have searched about architecture. Geographic boundaries can then be drawn and additional data, like income and hobbies, added to optimize targeting and budget.

“We have been involved in digital advertising for several years now, but could never find the right mix between targeting and price. So we built Cygnal Amplify to provide deep targeting with no minimum spends,” said Brent Buchanan, Cygnal’s Managing Partner. “It is exciting to now have a product that we can greatly customize for our clients and help them achieve stronger results in the digital space.”

Cygnal Amplify also has the ability to target based on voter history, political issues, smartphone operating system, modeled data, email history, and even cell phone carrier. Other data segments include interests, purchase predictions, TV viewing habits, and many more detailed or modeled data points.

“The key to Cygnal Amplify is having the ability to build a completely custom campaign for a client that puts ads right in front of exactly the right customers, prospects, or voters,” stated Brett Cowden, Cygnal’s VP Client Services. “Yes, it’s a little scary. But it’s ‘scary’ that will help our clients win.”

Additionally, the platform has the capability to conduct remarketing campaigns, whereby ads follow specific users around the Internet after they visit your site and/or take certain actions.

Cygnal Amplify is available immediately, and quotes are usually provided within 24 hours.