Cygnal Lift

Targeted Direct Mail

Direct mail allows you to place a message directly into the hands of the intended recipient. Cygnal has produced millions of direct mail pieces, many award-winning, and has experience in targeting, writing, designing, printing, and mailing. By using predictive targeting, creative messaging, and advanced printing, Cygnal Lift will make your dollars go farther and your impact be larger.

Touch Specific Targets.

The beauty of direct mail is the ability to only deliver it to the individuals or companies you want to communicate with. Starting with your list, Cygnal Lift is able to enhance your information, affix additional data, model potential new targets, and ensure the right people receive the right message.

Make It Personal.

Many Cygnal Lift clients elect to use our variable printing process that customizes the piece for each recipient. No longer is the address field the only place to insert data from your list. Now you are able to put the business’ or voter’s name right in the leading headline.

Drive Measurable Response.

Advertising is useless if it doesn’t drive the desired behavior or attitude. Using Cygnal Lift takes you one step further than traditional direct mail providers by creating ways to measure responses to each campaign.

Ask us how Cygnal Lift can raise the level of success for your campaign!