Dominate Your Market

Know exactly who to sell to, what to say, and where to reach them.

The Market Research Problem

You know your industry, or you wouldn’t be successful. The challenge lies in how to make market changes to a quickly adapting market. Purchasing decisions are made much differently now than even five years ago. To be successful with a new product, service, or target audience, you must have as much information as possible to make the launch successful.

The Cygnal Solution

Cygnal takes the guesswork out of understanding customer segments, product positioning, competitive advantages, and product-market fit. With a custom market research study, you will have a thorough understand of who your audience should be, where they can be found, what pains they experience, and how to position your product as the solution to their woes.

The Market Research Process

You simply let us know who you need to know information about, what problems you solve, and what your product or service does. We craft the survey questionnaire and procure interviews with your target group. After the survey is conducted, we analyze the results and return insights, key recommendations, and customer segments with matching message profiles.

Market Research Pricing

The cost of a market research study is impacted by several variables – how narrow your audience is, how many questions will be asked, and how we will reach your audience. The investment will range from $12,500 up to $52,750. Executive interviews with key respondents can be conducted to add deeper insight to the study.