Increase Member Engagement

Drive your members to more advocacy, increased giving, and higher satisfaction.

The Membership Involvement Problem

Member engagement is difficult for new or existing members; we all get busy with our profession and everyday lives. That hinders many members from giving the association the time and resources necessary to achieve the members’ end goals. If more of your members acted like your super-members, your association would be transformed.

The Membership Involvement Solution

Cygnal will give you important information about your members to drive membership engagement strategies, political giving increases, and grassroots contacts. With a profile of your best members and those who just cut a check each year, you will go from guessing to knowing how to get more members involved in the activities that move the needle of your cause.

The Membership Involvement Process

  1. We work with you to identify the challenges and opportunities of your association.
  2. Then a script is drafted to uncover the insight you need to make decisions.
  3. Using your membership data as the starting point, we serve the survey to your members, giving them anonymity to be honest in their feedback.
  4. The results are compiled and analyzed and a complete recommendation report is created to give you exact steps to take to improve membership involvement.

Membership Involvement Pricing

Pricing is based on the number of members you have, starting at $12,195 for 250 members up to $77,780 if you have around 100,000 members. Executive interviews are additional and provide deeper context to the “why” of what we uncover during the survey process.