Cygnal Surge

Messaging & Communication

Sound Familiar?

If you want something done, pick up the phone. No need to wonder about how your issue will play, because you were at every campaign finance event. Those days are gone. It’s going to take more than the right relationships and election-year help to get things done. You’ve got to have the right message.


A Better Way

There’s a set of words that, when put in the right order and said to the right people, will accomplish all of your objectives. We’ve got the words to make this possible. Our team of writers and strategists have a wealth of media and political experience. Whether editing your internal messaging, writing talking points, or preparing speeches and press conferences, Cygnal has the words to get it done.

Make a Noticeable Impact

Cygnal Surge is a consultative, ongoing relationship that gives you access to 24/7 advice, writing, and strategic services. We understand the ins and outs of conservative messaging, political giving, and navigating statehouse relationships. Our experts will dive into your communications and guide the process of ensuring a consistent look, feel, and sound from your firm.

The Process


1. You engage Cygnal as your messaging and strategic partner.

2. We become educated on your topics, current strategy, and organizational constraints.


3. We present a strategy outline to you for legislative messaging and grassroots participation.


4. You move forward confidently because you know Cygnal is there for you every step of the way.


5. We make strategy adjustments together as the legislative and political environments change.


6. You win your battles. Repeat.


Each engagement is unique based on multiple factors, including: issue complexity, changes needed, time involved, and length of engagement. All Cygnal Surge clients are set up on a monthly fee arrangement starting at thirty-five hundred dollars per month.