Cygnal Surge

Messaging & Communication

Effecting policy at the state-legislative level is becoming more difficult due to the radical shift in composition. Gone are the Tip O’Neals, and coming are the Donald Trumps and Bernie Sanderses. This new reality should be navigated with the battle-tested experience and fine-tuned methodology underlying the Cygnal Surge approach.

Hone Your Message

What you say is more important than how you say it. The right phrasing can take an challenging issue and swing a vote. We know what moves the new breed of legislators.

Generate “Home Contacts”

Press-the-flesh lobbying still has its place in government relations, but with the changing ideology of elected officials must come an additional approach. Creating opportunities for legislators to “hear from back home” is vitally important.

Incorporate Electoral Strategy

Political campaigns provide powerful relationship-building opportunities. The key is to approach them strategically with the right data and a solid plan.

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