Having a Meaningful Conversation

Bypass the filters and ensure your text message is read and responded to.

The Text Messaging Problem

Emails, mailers, TV spots, digital ads – they all get filtered out by voters because they’re delivered by mediums that are easily ignored. Everyone reads their text messages, even if it is just the preview on their lock screen. With the proliferation of SMS in political campaigns, carriers are now blocking messages sent from lackluster platforms.

The Cygnal Solution

We tested all of the major platforms and couldn’t find the reliability and performance required. Cygnal developed a high-deliverability, super-responsive text messaging platform for its own internal research purposes. We needed to ensure our text messages got to the voter and two-way conversations could happen in near real-time. Now we offer the ability have meaningful conversations and deliver important messages to voters via SMS and MMS.

The Text Messaging Process

Our peer-to-peer text message platform means we physically send every single text message to your voters. If you need a conversational component, these skilled individuals send your custom replies. It is even possible to conduct surveys via SMS.

P2P SMS & MMS Pricing

Single text messages are $0.11/SMS and $0.17/MMS. Two-way conversations via SMS are $0.16/recipient.