Supercharge Your Voter Data

Remove silos, learn from your existing data, and make more targeted decisions.

The Data Management Problem

You purchase a voter file, it gets split into multiple files for different applications, more data is collected from the field, yet nothing gets back to a central point. This is the tale of the “modern” campaign. Data gets siloed and segmented, and you don’t get the opportunity to learn what the data can tell you about the race, the voters, and the strategy.

The Cygnal Solution

Cygnal provides a managed data service where we house, pull, push, and update your voter data. When you need a universe for direct mail, we will look at the voter scores, past contact efforts, and polling results to develop a custom file of targeted voters for that exact piece. That contact type and message is stored so that future models can know what voters received what messages and by what means. Having a centralized point of voter data means you can learn from your data, not just use it as a static tool.

The Data Management Process

Cygnal sets up a custom SQL database that is tied into our predictive analytics machine learning environment. This database will securely store your voter file, and when you need anything pulled from or added to the voter file, Cygnal handles it. You never have to guess again about what universe to target or what you might could learn from your voter data.

Data Management Pricing

Our managed voter data service is conducted on a monthly retainer arrangement with a six-month minimum. Prices start at $750/mo for small campaigns and go up to $2,700/mo for a congressional race.