Size Matters…In Digital Advertising. Best Ad Sizes.

Size matters in many areas of life. Whether you’re measuring a new piece of furniture for your office or making sure that 70” TV really will fit in your living room, the last thing you want to do is spend time scouting the perfect piece only to get home and realize it’s not the right fit. Digital advertising is no different.

Here are three easy rules to follow when making the creative for your next ad campaign:

1) Be Exact

Digital advertising platforms typically have strict requirements of creative asset sizes. Meeting these specifications is a precursor to your campaign success, so be exact.

Many display ad platforms will not allow your ad to launch if the creative is not an approved size, while social platforms, like Facebook, will attempt to resize the image – leading to host of new problems including distortion and pixelation. On top of that, most platforms have ad file size caps. We recommended no more than 80kb for display ads and 400kb or less for Facebook.

Here’s the bottom line, misfit creative will lead to campaign failure. Example: 400 pixels x 630 pixels isn’t an accepted ad size. Before you start designing, research the accepted ad sizes on your platform and plan ahead of time. Below is provided our recommended ad sizes.

2) Use Multiple Ad Sizes

Location in digital advertising, as in real estate, plays an important role. Most websites that feature ad space sell a variety of locations on each page. Different ad spots vary in size. If you only make one creative size, you’re limiting the ad spot inventory your campaign can win.

We suggest using at least three different (accepted) creative size variations for each campaign. This will give you the best chance to make a lasting impression on your target audience.

Note: Social platforms, like Facebook, do not allow for multiple ad sizes. Design your creative assets to meet their required size.

3) A/B Test and Optimize

For the first few days that your campaign is up and running, closely watch how each ad size performs. If all ad variations have similar delivery, cost, and click metrics, great!

On a rare occasion, however, you may see that some ad sizes just don’t capture the attention of the audience and either aren’t delivering or are driving up the overall cost of your campaign. Turn these ad sizes off.

Following these three simple step WILL improve the effectiveness of your creative assets. Be exact, use multiple ad sizes, and A/B test to better reach and move your audience.

Below we have included a reference guide for the most common display and social ad sizes. Feel free to save the images to your computer and use them as your base layer in photoshop to ensure your ad is the right size.

Bonus – Best Digital Ad Sizes

Recommended Display Ad Sizes

160×600, 300×250, 320×480, 300×600, 320×50, 728×90







Recommended Facebook Ad Sizes

1200×628, 600×600