Paulina Buzaite

Executive Assistant / Bear Lover

Once a young journalist for the local paper, Paulina wrote her very last article encouraging students to stay in Lithuania, emphasizing the importance of embracing their homeland. Despite her strong declaration of never to leave her country, she later surprised herself by rejecting an amazing job offer after completing her law degree and instead flying across the Atlantic Ocean to explore new opportunities. This reminded her of a crucial lesson: never say never.

Do you have any skills or talents that people don’t know about?
I have received approximately 100 awards over the years for my achievements in basketball, track and field, volleyball, and rowing. Additionally, I played the piano for 12 years and recently began learning to play the guitar.

Who is someone you admire?
The person who inspires me the most is my grandfather. He was a Lithuanian freedom fighter and a political activist, caught, tortured, and convicted twice for fighting the Soviet occupation of our country and spent many years in their brutal gulags in deep Siberia so people like me could be born in an independent country. His sacrifice has shaped my perspective on life and instilled in me a deep appreciation for freedom. Throughout his lifetime of freedom, he never complained about anything, always been positive, helping others and appreciating the simplest things in life. His unwavering spirit serves as a constant reminder of the value of freedom and the importance of standing up for what you believe in.

What was your first job?
My first job lasted a mere blink of an eye - one day, to be exact. So, there I was, a high schooler eager to earn some money. I thought, "Hey, picking strawberries sounds like a breeze." Oh, how wrong I was. Half the day was spent devouring more berries than I could pick, and the other half struggling with back pain that made me feel like I'd aged a century. Add in the scorching sun and my towering height, and you've got a recipe for a swift sprint home, never to return.

What motivated you to select this career path?
From a young age, I've been drawn to politics but have always prioritized helping others. This led me to pursue a career as an executive assistant. I studied law in Lithuania and Government and International Politics at George Mason University, Virginia. Through experiences in the Lithuanian Parliament, the Embassy of Lithuania in Washington DC, and as a senior legal assistant, I honed my skills and was ready for further changes. Inspired by my involvement in the 2023 NATO Summit, I decided to pursue my political aspirations more actively. Joining Cygnal has been an incredible move for my career, allowing me to work alongside extremely talented, dedicated and hardworking individuals who inspire me daily.