Tom Broughton

President / Recovering Banker

Tom is a strategic problem-solver who leverages a commercial banking background. A trusted advisor and team leader with a history of success. From Residential Construction Lending, Commercial Real Estate, Private Banking and Commercial & Industrial Departments to running Central & South Alabama for Cadence, Tom has a breadth of experience working with businesses across all industries.

What is a typical day at Cygnal like for you?

Mondays are full of internal meetings with managers to ensure everyone is on the same page and to talk through priorities for the week
Fridays are full of team meetings and administrative items
Tuesday – Thursday are my proactive business outreach days (external meetings) and strategic thinking/planning

Who is someone you admire?

My father … he works hard, keeps a low profile, and does not need praise.

Skip Thompson – CEO of the bank I worked for early in my career that gave the faith, family, work advice.

Mark Platt – CEO of medical practices … love his approach and perspective on life in general.

Don’t admire many of the successful business people we all see b/c they often achieve their success to the detriment of their families.

What problem do you consistently solve for your clients?

Getting them the answers they need … I am all about partnerships and NOT projects … I will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the clarity you desire.