Poll: 65% Willing to Deport Illegal Immigrants; 64% Want to Militarize the Border as Immigration Surges as Top Priority for Congress 

WASHINGTON, D.C. (January 16, 2024) – Cygnal, the nation’s fastest growing and most accurate private polling firm, released a new national poll (conducted Jan. 11-12) on an array of trending issues in the 2024 general election. 

“This new national data shows just how voters view an unsecure border and the subsequent illegal immigration as a crisis, one that they believe is not being addressed by the Biden Administration,” said Cygnal President Brent Buchanan. “Republican candidates at all levels would be wise to tap into this sentiment and contrast themselves with a sheepish bench of Democrats who have largely let the issue fester to a boiling point no locality can afford to further ignore because it’s impacting voters day-to-day lives. This is also likely why our data shows huge support for mass deportations and the militarization of the Southern border.” 

Here are more of Buchanan’s top takeaways from this new national poll: 

  1. The top priority for voters remains inflation and the economy (30%), but it continues to drop as illegal immigration (20%) increased +6 since December – the largest increase in top priority.  
    • Two-thirds of voters support deporting illegal immigrants (65%) who have come into America illegally and just 26% oppose. 70% of Independents and even a majority of Democrats support. 
    • Nearly the same amount (64%) support temporarily militarizing the Southern border to relieve Border Patrol agents and stop the flow of illegal immigrants (26% oppose). Support to the deportation issue is similar among each group as 62% of Independents and 49% of Democrats support.  
  2. 63% of voters think congressional impeachment proceedings of public officials have been politically motivated over the past few years compared to 28% who think they have been serious investigations. Even a majority of Democrats believe they are politically motivated, which shows how they’re losing their potency.  
  3. The mood of the nation has further worsened after a Christmas lull – now, 61% of voters say the U.S. is on the wrong track (54% in Dec ‘23). The perception of Joe Biden (-11 net favorable; 5% worse since Dec ’23) has degraded since last month and remains very low, with 41% of voters holding a very unfavorable opinion. 
    • Biden-Trump rematch now shows a Trump +1 lead (47% Trump / Biden 46%) as Trump continues a three-month upward trend. 44% of Independents would vote for Trump, 39% for Biden, and 17% are Undecided.  
    • When voters think about Biden’s age and then are asked who they would support, the ballot holds steady at 47% Trump / Biden 46%.  
    • A generic Republican, who isn’t Trump, is now tied with Biden after Biden held a steady +4 lead since November.   
  4. With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in the race, Trump falls to 42%, Biden falls to 41%, and 10% for Kennedy, keeping Trump in the lead.  19% of Independents support Kennedy, 32% for Biden, 35% for Trump.