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“Polling is wrong.” Yeah, if you do it the old way. People winning campaigns and issues in the new political era say they use Cygnal because of our innovative, common-sense approaches to understanding voters, changing minds, and creating intelligence for action.

Multi-Mode Polling

Make informed political and issue decisions with accurate data and clear direction from the New York Times #1 most accurate polling firm in the nation.

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Voter Scoring & Modeling

Leave the one-size-fits all models on the shelf. Improve targeting and resource allocation with dynamic truly-custom voter scores built by data-science-driven predictive analytics.

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Emotive Analysis

Dive deep into the psyche of voters by understanding how they feel about candidates and issues instead of just logic.

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District & Issue Tracking

Gain granularity at a district or other sub-geographic level by combining a large-sample statewide poll and data science.

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Digital Profiling

Harness human similarities and reach more voters through behavior-modeled segmentation and targeting deployment.

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Redistricting Support

Know what voter groups will matter in the future with custom-drawn, stress-tested maps to protect your district(s).

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Read insights on audience trends, new research approaches, and tips to enhance your decision-making.

Ron DeSantis challenges party-flipping, ‘slithering’ Charlie Crist ahead of campaign kickoff

Recent polls have shown the Governor’s popularity up amid the late stages of the pandemic. According to one Cygnal poll, 60% of Floridians approve of his pandemic response. States run by Democrats, like New York, New Jersey and Illinois, are facing disastrous economic and educational damages stemming from prolonged lockdowns, according to the Governor. Read […]

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