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We’re a communication, research, and targeted advertising firm that digs deeply into data and boldly strategizes for your success. With sound (after which all our services are names), there is either noise or signal. Noise impedes the reach of your message and interferes with your success. Sending your clear signal cuts through the noise and creates the connections that produce results. Standing out is a challenge, and it’s one that Cygnal is well-prepared to lead you through. Let us show you the difference between a signal that gets heard — or gets lost.

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Our Services

Cygnal’s services are driven by data, based on proven strategies, and delivered by a tested and talented team. In other words, we don’t make guesses with your message. We hone in on your target audience while carefully crafting your communications. And because of it, our clients win!

Integrated Advertising

Create the most effective mix of online and offline communications and advertising to reach the right people where they are using Cygnal Presence.

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Polling & Survey Research

Make informed decisions based on actionable data developed at a fraction of the cost of traditional polling using Cygnal Pulse.

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Digital Advertising

Craft and serve highly effective and persuasive online display and video ad campaigns using Cygnal Amplify.

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Public Relations

Tell your story, engage your audience, and build relationships with media, stakeholders, and influencers using Cygnal Gain.

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Grasstops Advocacy

Strengthen your direct lobbying and influencer strategy with an advocacy database and outreach effort to engage “Average Joes” using Cygnal Echo.

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Data & Analytics

Implement a fully-managed, scalable, cloud-based solution that helps you see and tell a story with first- and third-party data using Cygnal Phantom.

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Public Affairs

Influence policymakers with a battle-tested methodology and unified management of many moving parts using Cygnal Surge.

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Campaign Services

Stretch campaign dollars and increase impact with data-driven, message-specific strategies, including direct mail, TV, radio, and more using Cygnal Lift.

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International Development

Connect with US and Latin American companies and governments through bi-directional communication channels using Cygnal Connect.

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Read the latest industry-leading political and corporate news from Cygnal. You won't be disappointed.

Let General Patton Inspire You to Win

When I was a young cavalryman, one name inspired us above all others – General George Patton. If we needed motivation, our leaders would use the legend of Patton and his words to rally us to take that hill. In 1944, as the Allies were preparing the invasion of France to battle the Nazis, he […]

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