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Affordable. Accurate. Fast. Know more about and effectively reach your voters. Are you missing the quality information necessary to make great decisions? Do you need first-hand data to confirm your gut feelings, make a course correction, or create a clear path forward? Cygnal services take away the fear of the unknown and give you key insights and recommendations to take the right actions.

Political Polling

Make informed political and issue decisions with data from the New York Times’ #1 most accurate polling firm in the nation.

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Market Research

Find out what your future customers look like, want to hear, need from you, and how to seal the deal.

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Voter Scoring & Modeling

Improve your targeting and resource allocation with dynamic custom voter scores.

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Customer Satisfaction

Discern what makes your best customer and learn how to efficiently find more of them.

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Voter Data Management

Unite your data and uncover new insights with scalable databases, machine learning, and active management.

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Employee Engagement

Understand and enhance your most important asset - your employees – to increase output and decrease turnover.

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P2P Text Messaging

Reach and respond to your targets with our lightning-fast, legally-compliant managed SMS services.

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Membership Involvement

Unlock the engagement and resources of your current members and then find more of them.

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Read insights on audience trends, new research approaches, and tips to enhance your decision-making.

Polling Is Broken…At Least the Very Old & Very New Ways of Doing It

Not a conversation has gone by in the past several months that hasn’t devolved into “what’s wrong with polling” after someone finds out I work at a polling firm. And there’s good reason for the general public – and even practitioners – to doubt the accuracy of political polls. Let’s step into some minutia quickly […]

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