POLL: Republicans Continue to Grow Momentum in Lead Up to Election Day

WASHINGTON D.C. — A survey of 2,015 likely midterm voters, conducted by the international polling and predictive analytics firm Cygnal, shows the GOP leading the generic ballot by 3 points headed into the final week of the midterm cycle.

The nationwide Cygnal survey – conducted October 28 – 30 with a margin of error of  ±2.17% – shows the GOP gaining momentum, with a 4-point swing on the generic ballot in just the last 5 weeks.

“Republicans continue to gain traction and increase their lead over Democrats who saw their fortunes peak a couple weeks ago. In just the last five weeks, we’ve seen Republicans nationally go from being down 1 to up by 3, which is the largest movement we’ve seen in that time period in the last 18 months,” said Brent Buchanan, Cygnal’s President and Founder. “I expect the GOP to add another 1-2 points to their generic lead in the closing week.”

“It’s much better to be a Republican candidate right now than a Democratic one,” Buchanan said. “Voters are looking at the issue landscape and their candidate options and prioritizing issues that directly affect them, which is driving more undecided voters to the GOP.”