Who We Are

Cygnal exist to help our customers make great decisions through precise, understandable data and research.

Who We Are

We help you make great decisions, because all great decisions have one thing in common – great information. The quality of your decisions is determined by the quality of your data.

What We Do

Cygnal is unique. We combine survey research, statistics, data modeling, machine learning, and other tools that uncover information to empower your great decision. The data is not the end goal; giving you insights and recommendations for action is our focus.

Cygnal’s Mission

We empower great decisions by acquiring and analyzing the best information.

Cygnal’s Values

  • Move Now – We are radically responsive with a default for action.
  • Shoot Donkeys – We take ownership of outcomes and learn from failing fast.
  • Wow Everyone – We selflessly overdeliver, setting clear expectations.
  • Never Settle – We are always learning, growing, and improving ourselves.
  • Work Smart – We are efficient, effective, and scrappy, bringing solutions.
  • Speak Truth – We give, receive, and implement raw, real-time feedback with thick skin.

Cygnal’s Team

Dang we have an awesome team that does the work of a hundred! Learn more about each Cygnal team member.

Cygnal’s Story

Cygnal started in 2007 as a small consulting firm managing political campaigns. Over the years, we added TV production, media buying, direct mail, digital, phones, and polling. The golden chord was struck in 2011 when we started providing more budget-friendly and still accurate surveys and polls to companies and campaigns.

The feedback was phenomenal. Our clients were able to conduct more surveys within the same budget they were used to paying traditional vendors. Businesses loved our ability to better understand their key stakeholders like employees, customers, and government officials. Political campaigns appreciated the extra insight and detail they received in a Cygnal poll.

From conducting 25 surveys in 2012 to 500+ surveys in 2018 – now having worked in 43 states – we continue to innovate and add new insights.