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The Polling Problem

Polling hadn’t changed in decades. The old way only is costly and becoming harder to conduct. For now, live phone-only polling is a gold standard, but it’s expensive and misses out on key voter groups that simply don’t answer the phone any more.

The Cygnal Solution

Cygnal is leading innovation in polling today. We build sophisticated technology to bring reliable polling methodologies to politics and advocacy. We have cracked the code on how to conduct probabilistic surveys through SMS, phone calls, email, online panels, and other emerging channels. If you want to cover your bases and reach all voters, we can take a multi-mode approach, which includes live calls.

The Polling Process

Cygnal provides insights and answers on every project, there are no canned scripts. Each polling project starts with a discovery call so our team can learn exactly what you need to know and how you will use the findings. We draft a custom script, get your approval, handle all of the data collection in-house, build the reports, craft the analysis, and then serve as an ongoing resource as you lead your campaign to victory.

Polling Pricing

Multi-mode surveys with live calls start around $7,900 (n300, 15Qs) and go up to $39,000 (n1000, 45Qs). Multi-mode surveys with IVR start around $6,000 (n300, 11Qs) and go upwards of $17,500 (n1000, 15Qs). Live phone surveys start at $13,500 (n300, 20Qs) and can cost more than $48,150 (n1000, 35Qs). Because we are in control of the entire polling process, we can add predictive analytics voter scoring/modeling to your poll for much less than a standalone project with a legacy polling firm.