Public Affairs

Innovative messaging and strategy approaches to navigate dynamic landscapes

PROBLEM: In an era of dwindling attention spans, constant partisan fighting, and diminishing receptivity due to inundation, navigating the public affairs landscape, shaping public policy debates, and engaging policymakers requires disciplined and compelling communication on complex issues with an array of dynamics at play.

IMPACT: Policymakers don’t want to touch your bill or rule comments with a ten-foot pole because every policy seems to become a partisan fight and no one wants to put re-election on the line, even for common-sense policy. Without data to show how voters think about your issue, it’s going to continually get tougher to find champions for your legislative priorities.

FIX: We specialize in issue and advocacy research across the country, which allows us to provide the salient data, effective messaging, and impactful insights to move the needle with your desired audience by understanding the motivations, attitudes, and opinions of advocates, voters, and other stakeholders. We also work with more policymakers as their pollster than any other polling firm, so we have the experience and expertise to help you successfully navigate your issue through the halls of power. 

 We present a data-informed strategy outline for engagement, grassroots, coalitions, and media to help execute a plan to bring airpower to your legislative ground game. Our team is here to ensure quick strategy adjustments to match the fluid legislative, political, and rule environments, as well as toggle targets to ensure engagement remains high. This allows you to quickly execute on changes to your campaign and direct precious resources to where they’re needed most.  

INVESTMENT: Each engagement is unique based on multiple factors, including sample size, length of interview, issue complexity, frequency of changes, timeframes, and content. A typical statewide example of our Issue Research and Polling is $34,200.

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