Capture Granular Movement

Get deep, daily intelligence for action in your race

PROBLEM: Daily tracking polls must collect large samples quickly to be effective, but the traditional rolling approach doesn’t provide the ability to see a representative sample of smaller geographic subgroups.

IMPACT: You currently can’t drill down to see and respond to trends in all media markets or among important voter groups.

FIX: Cygnal Momentum flips the script on traditional tracking polls. With our proprietary methodology, Cygnal runs a 3-day rotating set of samples with each set targeting a different key demographic subgroup. Then, using both data science and statistical regression, we’re able to provide granular observations at the sub-demographic and sub-geographic levels. Cygnal captures more of each subgroup each day than a normal tracking poll.

INVESTMENT: For much less than traditional daily tracking polls, you will get all the topline data and individual reports/slides for each media market, key demographic group, and even key demos within media markets. Can be as low as $4,500 per day with a multi-week contract. 

*Varies based on the size and diversity of the state. 

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