Focus Efforts on Exact Voters

Enhance targeting and hone your budget with custom voter scores.

The Voter Scoring Problem

Polls do a great job telling you “what” and give you an idea of “who.” But they can’t tell you exactly which voters are going to turn out and what messages will move them to your candidate. When you build a target voter universe, it’s based on profiles, not people. Current predictive analytics (fancy words for voter scoring and modeling) processes are expensive and static.

The Voter Scoring Solution

Cygnal can conduct a joint polling and predictive analytics project to help you create custom voter scores at a more reasonable price point. You will receive unique models specific to your race and district that score voters on likelihood to support your candidate and what issues they care about. Armed with this information, your direct mail program, digital buys, and door knocking will be highly targeted down to the voter level.

The Voter Scoring Process

We add modeling questions to your Cygnal poll, the results of which are combined with machine learning (AI) and statistical regression to score every voter on the factors relevant to your campaign. Because our models are dynamic, we will update your scores with field data – canvassing feedback, voter ID calls, etc. We can also run quick model refreshes as the political environment changes…and change it does.

Scoring & Modeling Pricing

Pricing is based on the number of records modeled – the size of your district – and only a small add-on to your existing Cygnal poll. The investment starts at $7,185 and goes up to $37,820. If we have to field a short modeling survey because you didn’t use Cygnal as your pollster, you simply pay the cost of that data collection in addition to the predictive analytics project price.