Individual Level Targeting

Custom predictive analytics to score voters on candidate support, issues, and more

PROBLEM:Polls do a great job telling you “what” and give you an idea of “who.” But they can’t tell you exactly which voters are going to turn out and what messages will move them to your candidate.

IMPACT: Current predictive analytics (fancy words for voter scoring and modeling) processes are expensive and static, or you end up just buying an off-the-shelf national model sold to you as “custom” to your district/state, meaning they’re less accurate and don’t fit your campaigns’ needs.

FIX: Cygnal will create unique models specific to your race and district that score voters on the likelihood to support your candidate and what issues they care about. Armed with this information, your direct mail program, persuasion efforts, and door knocking will be highly targeted down to the individual voter level.

INVESTMENT: Analytics projects start at $9,200 and go up to $34,000 depending on the voter turnout population and number of models needed. A voter file from an approved vendor must also be purchased from Cygnal or provided.

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