Know what works, what doesn’t, and why before spending on advertising

PROBLEM: At best, some ads may get focus grouped, but rarely does a political or issue campaign quantitatively test which creative will work best.

IMPACT: Tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars are put behind a TV ad, online creative, or direct mailer without knowing if it has the intended impact on voters. One missed opportunity to create lift for the candidate or issue can be the difference between winning and losing.

FIX: Cygnal has created a proprietary ad testing methodology specific to political and issue work that helps you know the communication efficiency and effectiveness of an ad on dimensions like attention, originality, understandability, appropriateness, humor, and fit. We then benchmark your ads against our proprietary database to score each ad before you invest significant resources delivering it to your audience. This means you’ll know exactly how your ad stacks up against a wide range of other political messages.

INVESTMENT: Custom ad testing surveys are slightly different from a traditional poll. Prices start at $9,600 for a nationally representative audience, and vary based on sample size, audience scope, and number of ads tested. Turnaround time is typically less than a week.

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