A Values- and Culture-Driven Team

We remove doubt by understanding opinions, hearts, and minds to create intelligence for action.

Working with Cygnal means working with people who are committed to an exciting vision, driven by a powerful mission, and living out uplifting values. We’re located across the country and around the world—the sun literally never sets on Cygnal.

Brent Buchanan President & Founder / Travel Snob
Brock McCleary VP, Polling / Broken Down Middle Infielder
Matt Hubbard Executive Vice President / Hair Game Representative
Chris Kratzer Executive Vice President / Wedding Singer
Carmen Vasilovsky Director, HR & Recruiting / Dog Devotee
Brian Brechon Controller / Jack of All Trades
Wil Lemon Director, Accounts / Altitude Advantage
Tiffany Beverly Director, Project Management / Cat Whisperer
John Rogers Director, Client Strategy / SEC Football Fanatic
Chris Lane Director, Client Strategy / High School Hockey Coach
Rac Araña Roldan Director, Reporting & Analytics / Stats Master & Professor
Noah Wyhof-Rudnick Director, Innovation / Election Data Junkie
James Shirley Director, Sampling & Data Science / Former MMA Warrior (yeah!)
Sam Leach Sr. Director, Sampling & Partnerships / Long-Suffering Bills Fan
Mitchell Brown Director, Political Strategy / Golfaholic
Ryan Shucard Director, Communications / Defense Against the Dark Arts
Ehren Oates Director, Polling / Endlessly Curious
Mike Yelovich Director, Polling / Iced Coffee Enthusiast
Jack Coogan Strategist, Accounts / The Cooganator
Fred Cooper Strategist, Accounts / Domesticated Suburban Dad
Mike Kemp Strategist, Accounts / Hot Sauce Connoisseur
Janine Gliban Associate, Research / Budding Baker
Jared Mendoza Data Analyst / Coffee Connoisseur
Dan Esquivel Data Scientist / Caffeinated Sports Junkie
Zea San Andres Associate, Research / Avid Bookworm
Audrey Halpin Specialist, Quality Control / Country Music Enthusiast
Jaime Sanchez Specialist, Finance Support / Tireless Concert-goer
Alexa Alamillo Specialist, Finance Support / Horse Lover
Enzo Yambot BI Analyst / Plant Lover
Daniel Pisano BI Analyst / Video Game Aficionado
Maurice Borromeo Data Analyst / Anime Enthusiast
Ramoncito Cambel BI Analyst / Camera-Ready Guy
Patrizia Pisano BI Analyst / Photography Enthusiast
Angelyn Mananghaya BI Analyst / Matcha Lover
Sarah Aracid Data Analyst / Nocturnal Artisan
Ronald Roldan Data Analyst / eSports Enthusiast
Carlisle Sutton Strategist, Sampling / Foster Dog Mom
Dylan Kellos Coordinator, Sampling / Georgia Sports Superfan
Marilyn Oestrike Business Development Representative / Pop Culture Connoisseur
Nicholas Valdiviez Coordinator, Sampling / Podcast Maven
Paulina Buzaite Executive Assistant / Bear Lover
Rizza Quezon Associate, Data / GIF-Fanatic