Speed, Scale & Measurability for CTV/OTT

Boost Cross-Channel Digital Reach and Know Its Impact

PROBLEM: Advertising is expensive, and there’s a lack of insight and transparency about the performance of your campaigns with no real way to know whether you’re getting what you pay for and if your media plan is maximizing the reach of your limited campaign funds. When measuring campaigns through Connected TV (CTV) and Over-the-Top (OTT) advertising, not only is there confusion on performance, but you also must navigate the dynamic and complicated world of streaming while avoiding overpriced add-on services and vendors with zero transparency.

IMPACT: Without knowing if your campaign is optimized for the best reach and results, campaigns can potentially waste thousands of dollars without moving the needle or even understanding if they’re reaching the right audiences with the right messages. Pulling back this curtain gives you a measurable advantage to gauge your overall impact AND make the most of your CTV/OTT dollars.

FIX: Cygnal’s CTV/OTT Measurement & Placement service is your all-in-one home base for online digital ad management to activate CTV/OTT ad buys efficiently, effectively, and at-scale. With a customized plan you have control of exactly where and how your ad dollars are spent, and the increased capacity allows you to boost your campaign’s reach for cross-channel digital campaigns without any additional contractual risk. More important, measuring the effectiveness of your plan allows you to understand if you’re having the desired impact on your key audiences while maximizing your budget. With this intelligence, you can quickly pivot, make adjustments, and get your campaigns back on track.

INVESTMENT: Transparent CPM rates with measurement built-in

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