Cygnal EQ

Audience Identification

Successful communication and marketing strategies are directed toward those most likely to be receptive to your message — and that begins by identifying your target audiences. Cygnal EQ is the process that combines our data-driven approach, in-house expertise, and campaign savvy to create precise profiles that help you maximize your investment and efforts.

Add to Your Asset.

By matching your data with other sources of relevant commercial and behavioral data, you gain many other useful data points, ranging from the most basic demographic data like age and net worth to behavioral data such as news preferences, charitable giving, and where people spend time online. Creating data unique to you provides a clear picture of your audience composition and helps you discover successful ways to reach, motivate, and persuade.

Select Communication Channels.

By looking at the audience personas and demographic and behavioral data, you’ll be able to see which messages to employ — and also where to use them. Gender, age, education level, income, profession and other details are used to deduce your targets’ likely online/offline behaviors and action triggers. With this valuable information, you’ll be able to pursue a strategy that more cost-effectively allocates advertising dollars or time resources.

Improve Marketing ROI.

With Cygnal EQ, your ad dollars and outreach time are better spent by focusing on only those people who are likely to want or need your service/product, take a desired action, or join your organization. We dig deep beneath the surface of your existing customer/member/advocate data and enhance with more comprehensive data to create a much fuller and more accurate profile. Cygnal applies vast experience in targeting, marketing, and statistical analysis to turn your enhanced data into a valuable asset. We can even find additional individuals or businesses that match your audience profiles for added amplification and reach.

With Cygnal EQ, you can:

  • Grow your membership base by finding new prospects to persuade.
  • Discover more customers using new advertising channels that touch your known profiles.
  • Activate more advocates to take action on your issue or policy position.

Ask us to show you how Cygnal EQ can help you find and target quality contacts.