FL House Caucus Grows Trust & Relationship with Cygnal Thanks to Multiple Successful Cycles Together 

We have come a long way with Cygnal since they started just doing several spot-checking polls for us a few cycles ago. The quality and accurate work from Cygnal early on has led to a long-term relationship where they are much more involved in more races, especially our most important ones.” — Faron Boggs, Political Director, RPOF House Campaigns 


Getting accurate polling in state legislative districts, especially House districts, has proven to be a difficult task for caucuses. Small voter counts and sometimes compact geographies are just a few issues that create problems for getting quality and insightful legislative poll samples. Florida Republican House Caucus, run out of RPOF, found themselves starting to distrust some of the polling data they were seeing in their House races and knew they needed new way to poll in their districts. 

Just a few cycles ago, RPOF House was looking to spot-check certain races to affirm their beliefs about districts in the state because existing traditional polling seemed off. Identifying which districts were most important to allocate resources was just the start as they needed accurate and timely data within those districts. That is where Cygnal came into focus.   


By providing RPOF House accurate data on a test run a few cycles back, Cygnal earned the trust of the caucus and its leadership. Hands-on value like doing regular strategy calls and targeting advice in races was the difference-maker in solidifying the relationship. This early success led to a long and prosperous partnership that has grown over time.  

For example, in the 2022 cycle, RPOF House had the difficult task of polling House District 60, a pretty tough area for Republicans. Starting all the way back in May, they began polling the recently redistricted HD 60 to gauge the viability of a Republican victory. The new district lines clearly showed a difficult path, and Cygnal polls and advice laid the groundwork for how to win an uphill battle. Multiple subsequent polls, conference calls, and late-night emails leading up to the primary in August and eventual general in November guided the caucus to make a decision and eventually accept the loss in order to allocate resources elsewhere.


By just giving Cygnal a chance to prove its worth in the smallest parts of a caucus, RPOF House was able to build on early successes and eventually commit to Cygnal for more and more polling work each cycle. Now the caucus has reached high watermarks with their number of seats in the House and will continue to use Cygnal for more and more polling in the future.