John Rogers–Pulse Pod 4

On this episode of the Cygnal Pulse Pod, CEO Brent Buchanan, and VP of Research & Analysis Chris Kratzer, talk about “safety voters” and build revisit their previous discussion about voters’ emotions.

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This week’s guest is John Rogers, former Executive Director of NRCC. He and Brent talk about the wisdom and experience he acquired from his record four cycles at the committee. He discusses his greatest challenges and provides insights from his grassroots political activity.

Mentioned in this Episode:

What you will learn:

  • The importance of safety voters in the 2020 election cycle
  • What makes Congressional races fun and challenging at the same time
  • Differences between Republican and Democrat donors

They said what?

  • [2020] is certainly the strangest electoral environment that you’ve ever been in; so it’s no wonder that voters are so incredibly concerned about current issues. These issues are now on people’s doorstep” – Chris Kratzer
  • Our country’s political environment has started to have an impact on people’s day-to-day lives.” – Chris Kratzer
  • “Fear and anxiety are the two most important emotions in elections for driving turnout in candidate choice.” – Brent Buchanan
  • “[Candidates] need to acknowledge [the current situation] first and then talk and portray confidence and optimism for a better future without uncertainty.” – Brent Buchanan
  • “You can’t stop rowing, you can’t give up. You have to put yourself in the position to win if the conditions of victory are present. You have to continue to iterate and find a new path, use data creatively and keep on going despite the circumstances around you” –John Rogers
  • “Three things to look for in folks: Somebody that is hungry to do better and to do good work, somebody that is humble in their attitude and somebody that is smart in people, not necessarily book smart.” – Brent Buchanan