National Survey: Republicans Take Lead on Generic Ballot; As Many Voting Against Trump as for Biden

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A survey of 2,550 likely 2024 general election voters – conducted by the DC-based international polling and predictive analytics firm Cygnal, rated most accurate private polling firm by FiveThirtyEight – shows Republicans have taken a lead on the national generic congressional ballot while nearly two-thirds of voters are worried about the stability of the US banking system. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues slightly outperforming Donald Trump in a hypothetical 2024 presidential race against President Joe Biden.   

The nationwide Cygnal survey looked at top issues and national political figures’ images with voters, including three of those with potential 2024 presidential ambitions.

In two hypothetical 2024 presidential general election matchups, President Biden leads Trump by two but is dead even against Governor DeSantis. Both Biden (-11% net fav) and Trump (-14% net fav) are underwater while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has a net favorable image of +3%.  

“Americans are incredibly dour on the direction of the country, much of that driven by their strong dislike of the two-party standard bearers – Biden and Trump,” stated Cygnal President, Founder, and Pollster Brent Buchanan. “But, at least we’re not China because 78% of Americans have an unfavorable view of the Chinese government.” 

Regarding trending issues, voters are seriously concerned about the economy and the stability of the American banking system with 65% saying they are worried about “the stability of the U.S. banking system” and the money they have deposited in a bank.  

In addition, 57% doubt that the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government can successfully manage the economy. However, only 29% of voters blame President Biden for the recession we may be in or will soon have.

“Voters have been anxious about the direction of the country, and the failure of Silicon Valley Bank centered some of those worries on the economic system,” said Cygnal Pollster and Director of Client Strategy John Rogers. “It is clear that a majority of Americans have doubts about the ability of the Fed to manage a soft landing, and they increasingly are frustrated with President Biden’s leadership.” 

When thinking about the greatest challenge facing the American family today, voters are split with 27% of voters saying a breakdown of traditional values, 19 % saying lack of unity around what it means to be an American, and another 19% saying economic inequality. Voters under age 50 were more likely to identify economic inequality (25%) or affordable housing (15%) as the greatest challenge, but 17% also chose the breakdown of traditional values, and 15% said lack of unity around what it means to be an American.  

56% of Americans favor government regulation of A.I.-produced images and videos in light of the explosion of generative A.I. technologies.  

“Artificial intelligence is something that will come to the forefront of regulatory discussions soon, and most voters probably already have some exposure to deep fakes via Facebook and other social media platforms,” Rogers said. “When even 51% of Republican voters say they support the government regulating A.I.-generated images and videos, it seems voters may increasingly favor some guardrails on certain aspects of the online experience.”   

Likely 2024 general election voters nationwide were interviewed between March 26 – 27, 2023. This survey has a sample size of n2550 and a MoE of ±1.92%. Known registered voters were interviewed via online panel and SMS.