O’Dwyer’s – Polling is Not Just for Politics

If you polled PR pros across the U.S. about the impact our hyper-partisan political climate has had on their job, an overwhelming majority would tell you that it’s made things much more difficult—and take it from a pollster who looks at voter data all day long—it’s not getting better anytime soon.

It’s also a safe assumption that public relations experts of every kind are being challenged by the volatility of politics at an increasingly alarming frequency. Whether it’s the beer we drink, the ice cream we eat, or the big box retailer we shop at, no one is safe from the unpredictable tentacles of political backlashes.

The politicization of everything is exhausting for consumers and brands alike.

In communications shops of all sizes this gives additional meaning to the maxim of preparedness. Whether it’s in the throes of a crisis, message planning, or managing internal communications, you need to be prepared.

Everything about how communicators do their jobs has become about measurement frequency.

The endless bombardment of new platforms, suite integrations, and the emergence of AI-powered tools is overwhelming for every industry. While there is a very healthy element to that market competition, it is time PR pros relearn and benefit from the power of polling.

Read the full article by Cygnal Pollster & Director of Political Strategy Mitch Brown on O’Dwyer’s: https://www.odwyerpr.com/story/public/19912/2023-07-24/polling-is-not-just-for-politics.html