More Polling Data, More Often

Advanced data science to get you numbers more consistently and affordably

PROBLEM: Caucuses, committees, and IEs play in multiple races, and the cost of district- or state-specific individual polls gets expensive fast.

IMPACT: Many times you really just need a trendline of several key questions to understand how the environment is shifting month-to-month.

FIX: Cygnal employs custom data science called District & Issue Tracking to take a large-sample statewide or regional poll and create district- or state-level toplines at a fraction of the cost of polling several geographies by themselves.

INVESTMENT: District & Issue Tracking starts around $18,000 for the statewide poll and each district report runs around $600. Compare that to 10 individual n300 polls, and you’ll save 65%.

(Coming Soon: Subscription-based District & Issue Tracking where you get monthly reports on any legislative district, congressional district, or state in the nation for a nominal monthly fee.)