Fred Cooper

Strategist, Accounts / Domesticated Suburban Dad

Fred Cooper comes to Cygnal with a diverse, decade and-a-half long career in politics including campaign management, communications, major-donor fundraising, legislative office management, and survey research. Deeply fascinated with numbers and statistics from an early age, Fred prides himself on being able to rattle off historical data from Michael Jordan's career averages to Martin Van Buren's popular vote total in 1836 (shoutout to The Van Buren Boys). Born and raised in rust-belt Ohio, Fred will always be a Buckeye at heart and stands out in an office of SEC football fans. He lives in Northern Virginia with his beautiful wife and three amazing kids.

What was your first job?
As a bag/stock boy at a local grocery store in Mansfield, Ohio. I crushed it at $5.15/hour plus the occasional tip from nice old ladies for carrying their groceries.

Who is someone you admire?
My grandfather, Fred Cooper, Jr. He experienced terrible things growing up and even more terrible things as an 18-19 year old in the South Pacific during World War II. But he never gave up. He would later go on to accept Christ - a decision that changed his and my family's future forever.

The best piece of advice I've ever been given is?
"Read Smart Brevity." - Brent Buchanan.

What motivated you to select this career path?
My love of country combined with my love of numbers, data, and analytics.