Townhall – Polls Show Americans Support Militarizing the Border and a Detain and Deport Policy

College students are being murdered while out for a run, NYPD officers brutally attacked in the streets, and daily video releases of untold masses of military-aged men freely crossing our southern border. That is the current state of the American immigration system. With eight months till Election Day, the impacts of the Biden Administration’s complete failure at border enforcement will now be the deciding issue for voters come November.  

As is the case with most elections, voters are more concerned with domestic issues than foreign affairs. While the mess at the border originates from abroad, voters very much see it as a domestic crisis because they see and feel the negative impacts of it in their communities. 

While inflation dominated much of the discourse in 2023, in October, we began to see the issue of illegal immigration spike, not just amongst Republicans but Independents and Democrats alike. As the new year began, a slew of Democrat elected officials going on the record to complain about the havoc migrants are wreaking on their cities and states helped propel the issue to center stage. 

By January, the issue shot up six points and another four points in February. That is 10 points in two months. A quarter of Americans now say illegal immigration is their top concern…

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