Who We Are

Our work is data-driven, steeped in understanding, backed by experience, and fueled by passion for your success.

Who We Are

We are one team focused on delivering our singular mission for you – our customer, our partner.

Cygnal’s Story

$500. That’s how much our first client paid in October 2007 for way more than $500 worth of work. But it was a check – one that helped the firm reach $5,400 in revenue (no, we didn’t leave off any zeroes, thank you very much!) for the first year in business.

The next few years brought more political consulting clients and a hodgepodge of TV work, direct mail, power struggles with many “kitchen cabinets,” and our first congressional campaign.

In 2009, the team was asked to run a long-shot state senate race in a district Obama won the year before by 8 points. Long story short, we blew out two more well-funded Republicans in a runoff, destroyed the Democrat in the general, and parlayed that success into  a dozen legislative candidates, a gubernatorial, a lieutenant governor, and a commissioner race in 2010. We won them all, by the way.

Pleased with our success but having no more races to run, we set to work filling a gap we discovered in the political arena. In the previous cycle, it was frustrating trying to find polling for down-ballot races that was both affordable and accurate.

So, we created our own polling solution. In 2012, Cygnal conducted 25 surveys, iterating and improving each time. In 2014, we conducted 128 polls in twelve states, including work for a national committee.

After filling the polling gap we saw, we discovered another one. Those same clients we helped with polling were struggling to to find a way to engage their audience online.

So, we created our own digital solution. Since 2014, we’ve helped political campaigns, IEs, and advocacy groups engage their audience with minimal effort on their part at a reasonable, packaged cost point.

By the end of 2016, the company had done work in more than 32 states for 250 clients.

Scattered over the years have been forays into lobbying and corporate marketing, as well as a slow paring down of our political services. In 2017, we pretty much ran out of things to pare. Cygnal now is 100% focused on polling and digital for consultants, committees, and caucuses along with messaging for corporations and associations.

We’ve had different company names, lines of business, and locations, but one thing has remained constant: #winning.

Cygnal’s Mission

We partner with clients to identify, understand, impact, and persuade political audiences in the most efficient and effective means possible.

Cygnal’s Values

  • Go Above – We manage and exceed expectation.
  • Be Understandable – We communicate clearly providing context.
  • Grab Reigns – We take responsibility by showing ownership.
  • Connect Folks – We build selfless relationships by creating connections.
  • Ship It – We serve others with excellence using the 80% rule.
  • Be Available – We as a team are radically responsive internally and externally.
  • Shoot Donkeys – We solve problems creatively, challenging the status quo.

Cygnal’s Team

Dang we have an awesome team that does the work of dozens! Learn more about each Cygnal team member.