Who We Are

Our work is data-driven, steeped in understanding, backed by experience, and fueled by passion for your success.

Who We Are

We are one team focused on delivering our singular mission for you – our customer, our partner.

Cygnal’s Story

We started out in the fall of 2007 as little more than an LLC. The first year of political general consulting didn’t even cross the five-figure mark.

The next few years brought more political consulting clients and a hodgepodge of TV work, direct mail, power struggles with many “kitchen cabinets,” and our first congressional campaign.

By 2011, we were frustrated trying to find polling for down-ballot races that was both affordable and accurate. So, we created our own polling solution. In 2012, Cygnal conducted 25 surveys, iterating and improving each time. In 2014, we conducted 128 polls in twelve states, including work for a national committee.

By the end of 2017, Cygnal had done work – including 400+ polls – in more than 36 states for 170 clients. That also brought an end to all other services except for survey research and communications so we can better serve our clients.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve had different company names, lines of business, and locations, but one thing has remained constant: #winning.

Cygnal’s Mission

We empower campaigns and advocacy with political intelligence by helping our clients identify, interpret, and influence through cost-effective services and technologies.

Cygnal’s Values

  • Up & At ‘Em – We are always on and radically responsive.
  • Big Brains – We are curious and love learning.
  • Stretch Armstrong – We are flexible and always open to change.
  • Servant Leaders – We lift each other up and selflessly help folks.
  • Donkey Shootin’ – We think critically and take ownership.

Cygnal’s Ways

  • Crystal Clear – We manage and exceed expectations.
  • Lean & Mean – We are efficient and effective.
  • Light-Hearted – We are enjoyable and fun.
  • Pioneering – We bring and implement new ideas.

Cygnal’s Team

Dang we have an awesome team that does the work of dozens! Learn more about each Cygnal team member.