About Us

In communication, there is either noise or signal. Noise is what impedes hearing the true signal of a message. In a world of 24-hour news & countless ads, you need an edge in order to stand out & send your signal.

Hence Cygnal – a communication and research firm ready to help you cut through the noise. Our team is tested and talented. We have the experience, cunning, and edge to lead you to success.


Public Relations

Public Relations — Tell your story in a way that engages your target audiences. Build relationships with media, stakeholders, and influencers so that they want to know more about you and your message. [LEARN MORE]

Content Marketing

Content Marketing — Content takes many forms - blogs, newsletters, video, etc. Use every available tool to build a narrative, tell a story, and attract your desired audiences through inbound marketing. [LEARN MORE]

Digital & Social Advertising

Digital & Social Advertising — People are spending increasing amounts of time online and on social media sites. Use Cygnal Amplify to craft and serve a highly effective and persuasive online ad campaign. [LEARN MORE]

Polling & Survey Research

Polling & Survey Research — Get a sense of where you stand at a fraction of the cost of traditional polling. Develop informed decisions based on actionable data. [LEARN MORE]

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics — The proliferation of data has created a need for structure and insight. Implement a scalable, cloud-based solution that helps you see and tell a story using first- and third-party data.[LEARN MORE]

Grasstops Advocacy

Grasstops Advocacy — Amplify your direct lobbying and influencer strategy by adding an advocacy database and outreach effort that engages "Average Joes." Build an asset that pays dividends long term. [LEARN MORE]

Campaign Services

Campaigns Services —Whether you need direct mail, media, or grassroots tools, we can help or point you in the right direction. Regardless of the service, all decisions will be data-driven and message-specific. [LEARN MORE]

International Development

International Development — We work bi-directionally with US and Latin American companies and governments to connect the right people at the right time to achieve the right results.

Public Affairs

Public Affairs — Communicating to and moving policymakers is a process that requires finesse and management of many moving parts. Let us manage the process to help you achieve the desired outcome. [LEARN MORE]

Our Team

Brent Buchanan

Managing Partner

A veteran of over 100 political and PR campaigns, Brent serves as senior strategist and taskmaster, keeping the creative juices flowing & the trains on-time.

P. Cory Brown

VP, Data & Strategy

Having never met a data query he didn’t dominate, Cory oversees all voter outreach, data management and research while also serving as DC office manager.

Brett Cowden

VP, Client Services

Combining a career in finance with a love of writing and an unhealthy obsession with politics, Brett is here to serve existing clients and develop new relationships.

Matt Hubbard

Project Coordinator

With tenacity to make things happen and willpower of steel, Matt is here to keep the trains on time and assist clients with projects and deliverables.

Stephen Morris

Senior Advisor

With over twenty years experience in marketing, Stephen is a savvy and convincing communicator who helps build effective campaigns to achieve goals.

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