Alabama 2022 election: Can anyone challenge Gov. Kay Ivey?

Brent Buchanan, founder and CEO of the political polling firm Cygnal, said a challenger might try to attack Ivey on the tax increase but does not think it would work. He referred to one of Ivey’s favorite sayings when asked about her chances next year.

“Governor Ivey says there’s no step too high for a high stepper, and she has stepped so high above any other potential candidate they would need a rocket to catch her,” Buchanan said in an email. “I can’t think of a single person who could give her a run for her money because she is so wildly popular, especially with Republicans.

“A potential challenger might try to hit her on the gas tax but Alabama voters are appreciative of the significant amount of road improvements they’re seeing because of that bold decision by the Governor and legislature. It might seem like a good issue for a GOP primarily but I expect it to fall flat with voters.”

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by Mike Cason | | June 3, 2021