WASHINGTON, D.C. — Cygnal, the New York Times’ #1 most-accurate polling firm in the nation, announced today a bold acquisition move to expand market share and bring on board more elite clients in the political and public affairs sector. Harper Polling, an industry-leading polling firm with an outstanding reputation in Congress and in state capitals across the country, is now part of the Cygnal family.

Brent Buchanan, Cygnal’s CEO and founder, said the acquisition accelerates Cygnal growth in the polling and market research industry, now in 47 states and countries…and counting.

The nation is changing as fast as our technology is, and each year it gets harder and more complex to accurately assess where the pulse of the American people is on the toughest questions our society faces. The number of firms that can understand this fast-changing landscape of how voters and customers feel, think, and communicate is very small,” Buchanan said. “We are confident that with the addition of Harper Polling’s amazing team, no firm in the nation can match Cygnal’s ability to understand where the American people stand, and where opinion is headed.

Under the leadership of President Brock McCleary, Harper Polling has amassed a winning track record and national recognition for providing strategic insight that helps elect members of Congress, fuel organizational growth, and guide successful advocacy and marketing campaigns.

McCleary serves as pollster to Members of Congress, party committees, a diverse set of public policy organizations, and business leaders across the country.

In the polling and market research field, no firm has been as nimble or as creative as Cygnal in finding new and smarter ways to understand and interpret Americans’ political and issue preferences,” McCleary said. “Cygnal is a pioneering firm, and we’re excited to chart the new world with them as Cygnalers.”

Previously, McCleary served as Polling Director and Deputy Political Director at the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC). During his time as a House Republican campaign strategist, the NRCC picked up 63 seats in the House of Representatives in 2010, the largest gain since 1948, and secured the two largest majorities for Congressional Republicans since World War II. In the 2014 and 2016 election cycles, McCleary served as the Senior Advisor to the NRCC for battleground evaluation and resource allocation.

A prominent figure in Pennsylvania politics with a distinguished list of clients across the state, McCleary will open Cygnal’s Pennsylvania office with the entire Harper team.

Focused on providing the most reliable and accurate information to create intelligence for action, Cygnal is committed to pushing the envelope of polling and research. The addition of Harper’s stellar team and their unique insights will expand Cygnal’s capabilities as it continues to be the most clever and agile polling and market research firm in the nation.

In life, the quality of your decisions is determined by the quality of your data. Through its innovative survey research, emotive analysis, and predictive analytics, combined with pioneering a benchmark multimode polling methodology, Cygnal enables its customers to make great decisions through precise data and understandable insights and research.