Cygnal Announces New Hire, New Roles

Chris Kratzer to run polling & communication; Cory Brown moves to advisory role

Cygnal, a national polling, digital, and communication firm, announced the addition of Chris Kratzer as the firm’s new vice president of polling and communication Monday. Additionally, Cygnal’s senior vice president of services, Cory Brown, announced his transition to an advisory role as he moves to lead custom research at a market research firm.

Kratzer comes to Cygnal after six years in higher education communications. Prior to his time in education, Kratzer worked in political communications and journalism.

“I’m incredibly grateful to Brent and Cygnal for the opportunity to come back to politics and advocacy. I look forward to working with our clients to craft innovative messaging and polling solutions,” said new Cygnal VP, Polling & Communication, Chris Kratzer.

Brown is leaving his full-time position after 7 years with the firm. Brown accepted a position with a non-political market research firm and will remain in a research advisory role with Cygnal.

“These last seven years serving our clients and turning Cygnal into a nationally-known firm has been very rewarding,” Cory Brown said. “I’m excited to see Chris come on board and continue the positive momentum.”

Brent Buchanan, president and founder of Cygnal, expressed his excitement for Kratzer’s arrival and best wishes for Brown’s new undertaking.

“While we will certainly miss Cory’s day-to-day presence, we wish him the best in his new endeavor and look forward to working with him in his new capacity as our research advisor,” Buchanan said. “Chris becoming part of the team will add a wealth of experience in the communication and research fields to meet our clients’ needs. He will play an important role in our continued growth.”

In addition to the staffing changes, Brett Cowden assumed the role of vice president of client strategy and Matt Hubbard took on several research responsibilities, shifting his title to vice president of digital and data.