Cygnal Poll: Florida Voters Overwhelmingly Blame China for the Spread of COVID-19

New Poll Shows Rare Partisan Agreement

WASHINGTON D.C. – A recent poll of likely general election voters in Florida shows Americans overwhelmingly blame the Chinese government for the spread of COVID-19 and believe it should be held accountable. The poll, released by Washington-based polling firm Cygnal, was conducted May 18 – 30, with 881 likely voters. 

When asked who they blame most for the spread of COVID-19, 43% of voters choose the Chinese government. More than 80% of voters agree that the Chinese government covered up information related to the pandemic and that U.S. leaders should reduce our dependence on China. More than half support demanding that the Chinese government pay reparations for their role in the spread and nearly half support canceling debt we owe them if they refuse to do so. While voters are split on whether they approve of Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus, more than half approve of his hard-line stance against the Chinese government. Blaming the Chinese government is a rare occurrence of bipartisan agreement in today’s heated political climate. 

“Voters don’t see eye-to-eye on much today, but this is something everyone agrees on,” said Chris Kratzer, Cygnal’s Vice President of Research and Analysis. “A large majority of both Republicans and Democrats don’t trust the Chinese government to publicly release factual information on how many of its citizens were infected with and died from COVID- 19, and think they covered up relevant information.” 

Voters hold the Chinese government so responsible, that more than half believe it should pay the U.S. government reparations for their role in the spread and almost half support canceling debt our government owes them if they refuse to do so.

When asked who they’re supporting for President, these voters favor Joe Biden by 3 points, which is within the margin of error. Voters in both camps are committed to their decision, with the vast majority saying they’re “definitely” voting for their preferred candidate. 

“While the race for President is tight, Florida voters trust Trump more to protect American interests against China,” said Brent Buchanan, Cygnal’s CEO and Founder. “And with such intense anger directed toward the Chinese government right now, that could help him in November.”

This survey was conducted by Cygnal—named the most accurate firm in the nation by The New York Times in 2018—on May 18 – 30, with 881 likely general election voters. It has a margin of error of ±3.3%. Registered voters were interviewed through a validated online panel, and survey questions were asked to build a turnout score for each participant. This survey was weighted to a likely general election universe.