Pulse Pod 38 – Cygnal Pollsters John Rogers & Chris Lane

On this first Pulse Pod episode of 2022, Chris and Brent premiere the new podcast’s round table format. This time, they are joined by Chris Lane and John Rogers, two Cygnal team pollsters. They discuss the current general election macro environment, inflation concerns, and key demographics of voters moving into midterm season.

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Top Quotes:

  •  “I don’t think president Trump has ever been more popular among Republican voters as he is right now (…) I think there’s a little bit of that “miss me yet?” going on now. We’re a year into the Biden administration, and people really miss what having a Republican president looks like.” – Chris Lane
  • I think that inflation is a huge concern (…) Inflation is really affecting all voters, especially as you go down the income ladder. Biden’s deteriorating image is obviously dragging down Democrats (…) and that’s really created a great opportunity for Republicans across the country in 2022.” – John Rogers
  • There’s more opportunity than ever to persuade that middle group of voters (…) I think we’re gonna see, when we get to election day that (…) the campaigns that were the most successful were the ones who figured out (…) how to get the right message in the right hands of (…) that 70% that’s in the middle.” – Chris Kratzer
  • We’ve found a significant correlation between Independents view of the economy (…) compared to how people view Biden. (…) If the perception of the economy improves, then that’s going to benefit Biden and benefit Democrats.” – Brent Buchanan 
  • Latino voters used to be a pretty overwhelming support block for the Democrats. (…) As public safety becomes more important (…) they are just not finding the answers on the Democratic side, and we find them coming back to the Republican side.” – Chris Lane
  • Almost an unpersuadable group is seniors (…) Those voters that historically have been more Republican than Democratic, during the pandemic, we saw them swift more towards Biden. (…) I think a lot of that is driven by fear and anxiety around the pandemic because they are the most vulnerable (…) That’s something that I think Republicans are gonna have to crack the code on.” – Brent Buchanan
  • The only other issue that I think we need to continue to harp on is the inflation one. At the end of the day (…) people vote with their wallet, and their income is going down, regardless of whether their paycheck says so.” – Chris Lane

Cygnal · John Rogers & Chris Lane – Pulse Pod #38