National Survey: Inflation issue drops, ’24 presidential matchups, and Ukraine aid concerns 

WASHINGTON D.C. – A survey of 2,424 (get it?) likely 2024 general election voters – conducted by the DC-based international polling and predictive analytics firm Cygnal – shows the plurality of voters believe we are currently in a recession. Governor Ron DeSantis performs slightly better than other GOP candidates in a hypothetical 2024 presidential race against President Joe Biden. Although political figures on both sides support aid to Ukraine, most Americans believe we are giving too much aid to the conflict.    

The nationwide Cygnal survey looked at top issues and national political figures’ image with voters, including seven of those with potential 2024 presidential ambitions.  

In four hypothetical 2024 presidential general election matchups, President Biden leads Trump by two, DeSantis by one, and former Vice President Mike Pence and Ambassador Nikki Haley by four. National political figures’ images have improved since January: Biden (even net favorability [fav]), Trump (+4% net fav), Pence (-3% net fav), and Haley (+13% net fav), while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has a net favorability of 17%.  

“A key takeaway from this survey is just how worried voters are about the economy, 45% say we are currently in a recession, and another 37% believe we are headed for one this year, with this notion being at the forefront of voters mind, it is imperative for the GOP to message and win on this issue,” stated Cygnal President, Founder, and pollster Brent Buchanan. 

Regarding trending issues, the plurality of voters believe that we are currently in a recession despite whatever they hear from the White House that says we are not. This is driving inflation to continue as the number one concern for voters. However, it has dropped for the first time in months. With rising tensions worldwide and at our southern border, national security is becoming a new priority for voters.

One thing GOP voters are clear about — their top concerns are pocketbook issues. Immigration is still a large issue for older GOP voters, but 39% of respondents selected an economic issue as their top concern.  

Likely 2024 general election voters nationwide were interviewed between February 24 – 27, 2023. This survey has a sample size of n2424 and a MoE of ±1.99%.