NEW MONTHLY NATIONAL POLL: In Line with McCarthy Impeachment Inquiry Announcement, Plurality of Americans Say Evidence is There; Trump Leads Biden Among Independents; Voters Want Abortion Restrictions; and Nobody Likes China 

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 14, 2023) – Cygnal, the nation’s most accurate and fastest growing private polling firm, released its latest national poll data (conducted Sept. 4-6) on the overall political environment and an array of trending topics. 

“The shakeups to the political landscape are beginning to reverberate with President Biden sinking to new lows as 41 percent of voters have a very unfavorable opinion of him just as 61 percent think America is on the wrong track,” said Pollster and Director of Political Strategy, Mitch Brown. “While no one in elected office would want to see those kinds of numbers, the cracks in the presidential race have not yet turned into chasms. Currently, Biden still beats Trump by two points in a rematch even though Trump leads him by 6 points among independent voters.” 

Below are Brown’s top five takeaways: 

  1. Just as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced an impeachment inquiry this week, a plurality (45%) of Americans say they believe the evidence presented to them is impeachable. 
  1. Trump leads Biden among Independents by 6 points in a presidential rematch. 
  1. A majority (70%) of Americans want some sort of restrictions on abortion with 30 percent of Democrats supporting abortion up until birth. 
  1. While 61% of voters say the country is on the wrong track, Biden’s numbers continue to sink 41% holding a very unfavorable opinion of him. 
  1. Communist China’s continues to be very unpopular among the American people with 70% saying they have an unfavorable opinion of the country.  

“The largest Republican gain on the generic ballot since 2020 has been a 9-point bump among those who say that ‘threats to democracy’ are their top concern,” said Director of Innovation, Noah Wyhof-Rudnick. “However, Trump has seen no gain among these voters from last time. This group is prime to replicate 2022 with large ticket splitting between what they view as ‘normal’ Republicans and Trump-aligned threats.”