The One Thing That Makes Your Political Campaign Successful

Imagine me coming at you like a late night infomercial, shouting a constant stream of industry buzzwords. Maybe I’m pouring wine on carpet then getting it out, or showing you a wicked-cool, growing chia pet. All while huge font text is plastered on your television screen.

Now those of you who know me will say that could not be me. I could never be that corny, but I wanted to try to grab your attention in the same way those sort of commercials tried. What I am about to type is more important to politicos and candidates than any Shamwow or extendable shoe put-on assistor.

The one thing that makes your political campaign really pop is well-executed research.

How You Treat Big Purchases

Think about when you buy that new big screen or that mid-life crisis sports car (or the zero turn lawnmower like I just bought). Whatever it is, most of us do our homework before putting down the big bucks on something. Your campaign should be no different.

Campaign research, namely polling and opposition research, is the campaign version of Amazon reviews, consumer reports, or those troll-heavy message boards that end up giving good info from time to time. Engaging a pollster helps pull important info from the very demographic you need to engage for votes. An opposition researcher helps scour the environment for any information that is helpful to develop strengths and acknowledge weaknesses.

Find the Right Information

There are always a ton of variables in a race. Finding out which ones are important to your candidate at different points in time during a race takes the right kind of approach. It’s not time for amateur hour, assumptions, or shooting from the hip. There’s too much at stake for most people involved.

It’s incredibly valuable to know how voters want to be engaged, what their interests are, where they stand on the issues. Polling can uncover how they feel about the candidates and what can change those feelings. Oppo research can discover problem areas for both you and your opponents. These research practices can give you the heads-up necessary to develop and implement high-quality plans that drive your campaign to win.

Gain the Ability to Evolve

If things change during your campaign – and they most certainly will – being able to adjust appropriately is vital. While your gut instinct may serve you well at times, don’t leave these moments to chance. With polling, you gain an ability to accurately gauge the impact of the advertising environment, the things being said by candidates, or any number of other environmental factors that have influence over the campaign.

The great American philosopher, Mike Tyson, said, “Everyone has a plan ’til they get punched in the mouth.” In all seriousness, even if you have the greatest campaign plan written before things start, you can lose if you don’t change with the flow. Ensure you have the ability to evolve your strategy.


I want to help good folks avoid being put down on the canvass when they get punched in the mouth. With an informed, well-researched game plan going into the fight, you can learn how the opponent jabs and moves. When the fists start flying, it’s good to have a corner that can tell you what needs to change between rounds if you want your hands raised at the end. Consider how well-executed research becomes your best fight team and go out there and get the knockout!

I enjoy talking about this stuff, so ping me anytime. Find me here.