Pulse Pod 53 – September National Voter Trends

On this week’s episode of the Pulse Pod, Chris Kratzer is joined by Cygnal Pollster Chris Lane and Director of Sampling & Innovation Noah Wyhof-Rudnick to dive into our September national poll results. The clock is ticking and midterms are just around the corner. Where do voters stand right now? Here is a glimpse into this brand new data: 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Americans are becoming less negative about the direction of the country and its leadership.
  • The generic ballot is now even, and Independents still favor the Republican at R+5.
  • The Republican is now losing women by 4% compared to 7% in August.
  • President Biden is still underwater at -2% net fav, which is an improvement in the past month.
  • Even though economic confidence is very bad overall, it has continued to improve.
  • Engagement in this cycle because of the Dobbs decision is trending upward, especially with women under the age of 35 and college-educated voters, two groups not favorable for Republicans.

Cygnal · Ep. 53 National Voter Trends Panel w/ Chris Lane & Noah Rudnick