Republican Priorities are Shifting with the News

At Cygnal, we run a tracking poll of about 6,000 respondents nationwide every month that asks questions about Biden’s approval, the generic ballot, among others that you can check out here: We also run state and area-based modeling so you can see the toplines on a more granular level. One of the questions that we ask is the top national issue and we have the numbers each time. Now that we are on the third month in a row, we can see how attitudes move and this will look at this shift in the top issue among Republicans. 

With new events happening in the last few months, the amount of Republicans saying that election integrity and security should be the top issue has been cut by half while the share saying their top concern over is the coronavirus and returning to normal has nearly quadrupled from 4% to 15% of respondents. Following the Afghanistan withdrawal, concern over preventing terrorism at home and abroad has shot up to 10% of respondents. The District and Issue tool lets you catch movement as soon as it happens and as voters respond to the ever-changing media environment.