Serious 2016 Success for Our Partners & Clients

In an election year that was a roller coaster of emotions and topped off with an Election Day of historic proportions, Cygnal is fortunate to have worked with some of the best and brightest political operatives and committees in the business today. We are proud to have been a part of the success that our partners created in 2016.

  • Republican State Leadership Committee
  • Federation for American Immigration Reform
  • Associated Industries of Florida
  • Wisconsin Republican Assembly Campaign Committee
  • Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee
  • Kentucky House Republican Caucus Campaign Committee
  • Republican Party of Florida
  • Republican Party of Kentucky
  • Drew Ferguson, GA-3
  • Barry Loudermilk, GA-11
  • Gary Palmer, AL-6
  • Runswitch PR
  • RightPath Strategic Affairs
  • Data Targeting
  • David Johnson Group
  • Meeting Street Research
  • Grassroots Partners
  • Frontline Strategies
  • Convince LLC
  • Triumph Campaigns
  • Potomac Strategy Group
  • Citizen Super PAC
  • Las Vegas Review-Journal

We are also proud to report our polling was not subject to the problems facing many of the public pollsters in the industry. Our approach led us to correctly assess the turnout of the election and gather the insights of voters who did cast ballots on Election Day.

Cygnal polled in 14 different states in 2016, including the traditionally-difficult-to-survey battleground states of FL, WI, OH and NC. Our numbers in several congressional and state legislative districts were picking up and clearly showing Republicans outperforming the results many of the public polls were reporting.


Polling Highlights

  • Florida – predicted the winner outright in 11 out of 12 races polled. In the other one, we showed the race tied and the victor won by 2pts.
  • Ohio – predicted the winner outright in 3 out of 3 races polled.
  • Wisconsin – predicted the winner outright in 4 out of 5 races polled. In the other one, we showed a slight lead for the Democrat and our client spent significant resources in the last two weeks. The Republican won by 2pts.
  • Kentucky – In 15 races polled over the last 3 weeks of the election, we picked the winner in 12 of them. Our 3 misses were close to the MoE where our clients spent tons of resources to change the tide in those races. Ask any pollster involved, and they’ll tell you the Kentucky State House races were the toughest to hit this year, yet we excelled.
  • Connecticut – We polled one state senate district two weeks out and showed the Republican incumbent leading by 20 points. On Election Day, he won by 20 points. It was our most accurate poll of the cycle.

Other states polled in the last 45 days of the election:

  • Alabama – 100% on winners correct
  • Georgia – 100% on winners correct
  • Texas – 100% on winners correct
  • Tennessee – 100% on winners correct
  • North Carolina – 100% on winners correct

Digital Dominance

On the digital front, we seriously over-delivered for our partners and clients. Out of the 13 races in which we handled 100% of the digital strategy and advertising, every single client won with the exception of a phenomenal candidate that just happened to be a minority (conservative) Independent in a district that voted 81% Trump.

In rural Kentucky, our team worked with the Republican Party of Kentucky to spread the truth online about several incumbent Democrats. We were able to serve millions of voter-targeted display, pre-roll video, and Facebook impressions with an average frequency of 15+. KY House District 24 was a particularly challenging district to serve digital. We promised the client 782,572 impressions and ended up serving 1,140,920 – a 146% over delivery – at the same invoiced price.

Making It Rain

Thanks to our many friends and clients (one in the same to us) this year, Cygnal experienced a 192% growth in our political services from the previous cycle. While we’re giving shout-outs, big kudos are due to our awesome vendor partners/friends for helping us serve our folks.

We look forward to serving many more GOP consultants, committees, IEs, and caucus in 2017 and 2018, helping solid Republicans win their primaries and generals!